Tardigrades NFT

1,111 handcrafted 3D Tardigrades NFT art collection minted on the OmniFlix Hub in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Tardigrades, being irreverent as they are, come to break the stereotypical pattern of the same position for all units of an NFT collection, featuring multiple poses as one of their traits.


Collection size: 1,111 NFTs

Mint price: 6 ATOM


Tardigrades Story

In 2019 humans sent tardigrades in Cryptobiosis to the moon, as part of the payload of the Beresheet Spacecraft, launched on a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida by the Israeli Space Agency.

Right after reaching lunar orbit, something went wrong with the systems and the spacecraft crash landed on the moon’s surface, spreading all contents of its payload all over, including all tardigrades.

Some of the tardigrades were ejected with such force that escaped moon’s gravity and drifted away.

One of the tardigrades reached an Emeris portal close to the earth and the moon and went through it without any channel guidance, hence randomly coming out the other side on the Emeris portal at the Carina Nebula (located in the Carina–Sagittarius Arm), which is an area in the Cosmos where new stars are forming and is filled with lots of radiation.

Thanks to the tardigrades notorious resistance to radiation and other harsh conditions while in Cryptobiosis, it not only survived this environment, but due to the long exposure it also went through an intense mutation process that allowed it to survive in space, not only as a dehydrated being on Cryptobiosis, but also as an animated, fully operational battle sta… tardigrade, with too much cuteness on them.

This process was quite violent and notorious, leaving a portion of the Carina Nebula shaped as a giant badass tardigrade as a result.

Within a few months this newly minted species of giant cute tardigrades started to reproduce and adopt certain traits from the Cosmos Ecosystem, eventually reaching numbers of 69 tardigrades, then 420 tardigrades and so on.

By the end of 2021 some of these tardigrades found the Emeris portal through which their predecessor came through, and were curious to know their planet of origin, and decided to go through the portal to see it.

They came out of the Emeris portal close to the Earth and the Moon and started to spread all over the place, learning and taking new traits from humans.

And in a matter of days they also spread to all other planets of the solar system, colonizing them all.



  • Plan all project details.
  • Create the Tardigrades base design.
  • Create a Twitter account to post announcements and engage with the Cosmos community.
  • Create a Discord server for our community.
  • Reach out to all upcoming Cosmos based NFT dedicated chains and choose the best alternative based on our requirements for the minting of our collection.


  • Create custom traits themed around the Cosmos Ecosystem exclusively (ask the Cosmos community for feedback on which traits they would like to see on the Tardigrades on Twitter and on Discord).
  • Announce the platform where we will mint our collection.
  • Provide white list spots to people who are engaged with the Cosmos Ecosystem to ensure that most Tardigrade holders are Cosmos community members.
  • Run our marketing campaign pre mint to reach out to the crypto community at large.
  • Proceed with the mint of the 1,111 Tardigrades (first for white listed folks to secure them at least 1 Tardigrade, and then do the public sale).
  • Once minting is finished, start the periodic raffles among Tardigrade holders who are active members of our community.
  • Start incentivized activities where we will reward active community members who help us spread awareness of our project.
  • Start working on video/animation test demos to define an appropriate format to achieve our vision.


  • Begin distribution of 50% of second market royalties on Tardigrades to Tardigrade holders who are actively involved in our activities (Will run for the next 6 months).
  • Conduct incentivized activities where we will reward active community members who help us spread awareness of our project.
  • Start design and development of Baby Tardigrades, our next larger NFT collection.
  • Start production of the first set of promotional material featuring Tardigrades explaining Cosmos Ecosystem chains and projects.
  • Launch of our new Baby Tardigrades NFT collection. (Moved to 2023 due to market conditions)


  • Begin distribution of 50% of second market royalties from Baby Tardigrades to all Genesis Tardigrade holders. (Will run for the next 12 months with optional extension). (Moved to 2023 due to market conditions)
  • Conduct incentivized activities where we will reward active community members who help us spread awareness of our project.
  • Start development work on animation for getting Tardigrades into a 2D metaverse.


  • Conduct incentivized activities where we will reward active community members who help us spread awareness of our project.


  • Drop Joe v0 token as a gift to all Joe v1 and Tardigrades holders.
  • New: Launch our Asteroids Game and do incentivized competitions.
  •  Drop special collection of the tokens used in our IBC IRL video autographed by all chain founders to all Cosmonauts that qualify for each chain.


  • Launch the Baby Tardigrades collection.
  • Release our test Job Board interface.
  • Drop special NFT for all RED/BLUE/PURPLE stakers (Snapshot taken on January 2023).


  • Launch the <CONFIDENTIAL> collection.
  • Release our public Job Board.


  • TBD


Besides using these cute little badasses as your profile picture on Twitter and other social networks, they will give you the following benefits:

Rewards to Tardigrade HODLers

– We will share 50% of our profits generated from the royalties from the second market trades for the first 6 months after the minting date with all Tardigrade holders that actively participate in our future activities (we will announce the details of these activities a little after the minting day).


– All Genesis Tardigrade holders (The first 1,111 tardigrades collection) will have early access to our future Baby Tardigrades collection drop (a sequel 3D collection with a larger size).


– All Genesis holders  will get a distribution of the profits from royalties from the second market trades of all Baby Tardigrades as well, for the first 12 months (potentially extendable).


– All Tardigrade holders will be eligible to participate in our raffles for ATOM tokens, where we will reward the active community members who help us spread the reach of the project on social networks and IRL.


Other potential future utilities for the Tardigrades

We are currently evaluating the possibility to add the following features to the Tardigrades, depending on the budget we can reach and technical capabilities we can develop with our partners.

  • 2D sprites of the Tardigrades to use them in a 2D Metaverse.
  • There are other perks currently being discussed with potential partners, that we will announce when they come to fruition.


There will be a total of only 1,111 handcrafted Tardigrades ever minted, and they will be the Genesis mint of our project, which will go on to produce other IPs, and Tardigrades’ holders will reap benefits from our project growth which will be in a community driven manner.

During the White List (WL) minting phase, there could be minted only 1 Tardigrade per person. During the public sale minting phase, there will be no limit.

We will first conduct the White List (WL) pre-sale minting phase where all White Listed (WL) people will be able to mint 1 Tardigrade Drop Pass, after that we will proceed to the public sale minting phase.

The presale White List (WL) mint will be conducted OTC on Feb 26-27 2022.

The main public sale mint will start on Feb 28 in the OmniFlix Marketplace right after its launch.

Our Team

Our team is currently conformed by three members:

First Grade

Has a background in manufacturing and a fan of Star Wars.

Second Grade

Has a background in Industrial Engineering and a fascination for space.

Baby Grade

Is currently studying Accounting and managing our socials.